The 2017 season of the Major League Baseball (MLB) came with its glories and landmarks. It is gone but there are things you need to know about it in case you missed it. I have brought you in its scintillating aura everything you need to know about the World Series 2017 in case you missed it. Every interesting bit of it is captured herein, so let us get there together.

This 133th edition of the World Series was in played in a space of one week as it took place between the 24th of October and November 1st, 2017. This event was officially sponsored by the largest internet video host, YouTube TV.

In the final, the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers four games to three to emerge the champions of the World Series 2017. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was given to George Springer of Houston Astros. As the 2017 World Series champions, the Astros became the first team from Texas to win to do so. It was also the first win for Astros in franchise history
The 2017 edition of the World Series was broadcasted internationally through the television and radio media. The United States’ Fox broadcasted it in English while Fox Deportes broadcasted it in Spanish. The radio transmission in English was done by the ESPN Radio; while in Spanish it was done by the ESPN Deporters.

The American League Championship Series (ALCS) winner Houston Astros faced the National League Championship Series (NLCS) lord, Los Angeles Dodgers. On the 24th of October, Houston Astros lost to Los Angeles Dodgers in a game that ended 1 – 3. On the second day, 25th October, the game went on in the favor of Houston Astros with 7 – 6 outcome. In the third game, Houston Astros took the lead with a 5 – 3 win over their counterpart. Reversely, the fourth game brought Los Angeles Dodgers on the surface as they beat Houston Astros 6 – 2. The fifth game ended 12 – 13 in favor of the Houston Astros. Houston Astros’s win was followed by a downfall in the sixth game as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat them 1 – 3. The Houston Astros came forward in the winning position as the beat their Los Angeles counterpart in the final game, 5 – 1. In all, the Astros won four games while the Los Angeles Dodgers could not dodge going home with only three wins.

Ceremonial first pitches were thrown out on different days of the game by different people. In game one, the family of Dodger Jackie Robinson threw out the ceremonial first pitch. On the second day, it was the turn of the Fernando Valenzuela, who threw it to Steve Yeager. On the third day, Houston Texans J. J Watt threw the first ceremonial pitch. A seven years old girl from Nevada, Hailey Dawson threw out the ceremonial first pitch on the day four of the competition. In the fifth game, the ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by the former President of the United States, George Bush W. The sixth day came with Orel Hershiser and Tommy Lasorda throwing out the first ceremonial first pitch. On the last day, the National Anthem was sung by the Los Angeles Police Department Quartet. This was followed by the throwing out of the ceremonial first pitch by Sandy Koufax, Rick Monday, Steve Garvey and Don Newcomb.

In the end, the Astros earned $30, 420, 155.57 which the split among themselves. Each got a share of about $438, 901.57. The Los Angeles Dodgers got $20, 280,103.72. This they shared among themselves. Each of them got about $259, 722.14.

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