Beyond Barrel Roll: Easy Google Tricks You wont Find anywhere

Talking about Google search tricks “do a barrel roll” is the latest around. Trending on social media some time ago and still sure to wow so many less internet-savvy fellows.

Well, if you are just got to hear about it and you haven’t tried it yet you will in a couple of minutes. You can also try other tricks on our list and feel the fun.

Note, these tricks are not something really that useful just something to get the kids watching and want to try them out. Fun!

Let’s start…

Chuck Norris
Type on the search field “Walker Texas Ranger Star” then click “I’m feeling lucky” and get a lesson on Norisology.

Google Gravity

Type in the search field “Google Gravity” then click “I’m feeling lucky”. Then withness a gravityless world hahaha


This one is for the kids. Visit the Google Reader page and hover your cursor in the manner: “up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,A,B”.
Watch to see where a ninja comes out on the screen. The kids are sure to be amused at this point.

Not sure of what a Pacman looks like? Visit “”

Flight Simulator

Google has added this feature to Google Earth. You could use a joystick or a mouse and a keyboard to navigate the world.
Accessing this is very simple click “Ctrl + Alt + a” on Windows and on Mac click “⌘+ Option + a”




Just search on Askew, you gonna have to bend your head to see.

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