WhatsApp is a multimedia messaging app that allows it’s users to share videos, audios, text messages, images and even make voice and video calls at very reduced data rates. In order to enjoy these features, one must be registered on WhatsApp and have what is known as Whatsapp contacts.

Now, don’t be scared. WhatsApp contacts are simply contacts on one’s phone that are also registered on WhatsApp. And some of the time, one might need to share some information with another person via WhatsApp and discover they are not one of their WhatsApp contacts.

Therefore, in order to add people on WhatsApp, the following simple steps are to be followed:


Adding the contact to phone
For the first step, you need to have the phone number of the person in question as a part of your contact list. Confirm if you already do. If yes, you can simply skip to step 2. Or else, you can simply use the following steps;

— Open the ‘phone’ or ‘dialer’ app on your phone.
— Input the number you wish to add to your contacts.
— A set of options will appear above it, then you select “Add new contact” if you wish to create a new contact or “add to a contact” if you wish to link it to an already existing contact.
— Enter the contact name and other details in the respective spaces provided.
— Check to confirm that all necessary details are correctly entered.
— Select “save” to save the contact.


Installing/Registering on WhatsApp
In order to add a contact on WhatsApp, it is alsp necessary you have whatsapp on your own device. If you do, you can also skip to step 3. If you don’t, follow the steps below ;
— Open your device’s app store (e.g. Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS)
— Search for WhatsApp contacts
— Click ‘install’ and wait for the download to finish before installation commences.

After installation is done, open whatsapp and follow the verification steps to register on WhatsApp or open an already existing account.


Refreshing Contacts
— On WhatsApp, go to “contacts” or “add new chat”, depending on the device and version being used. Or even tap the floating “plus” (+) icon on the “chats” screen.
— A new screen will open, containing a list of contacts you have that are already registered on WhatsApp.
— Tap the “options” button usually at the top right of the screen and click “refresh”.
— After the refresh is done, your new contact should be displayed amongst other previous contacts.
You can also search for the new contact by making use of the “search” icon at the top of the screen as well.

Note: If the contact isn’t displayed, it could mean the number in question is not registered on WhatsApp. But you can remind them to register by sending him/her an invite via SMS.This is done by clicking the “options” button and selecting “invite a friend”.
WhatsApp will then show you a list of your contacts that are not registered on WhatsApp. It is from here you can now choose which contact you want to send an invite to.

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