Quick & Easy method to add Strikethrough in google docs

Wondering how to Strikethrough google docs? You’re on the right page.

Making a Strikethrough in your Google doc is quite simple even though so many people find it difficult to identify this on their menu. No thanks to the fact that it’s not a feature we use often so one can easily forget how it’s done.

Before going down to how to add Strikethrough to a word or text in our Google docs and why it’s sometimes needed, let’s make it clear what Strikethrough is in this context.

What’s a Strikethrough?

A Strikethrough is an obvious line drawn across a word or text but it does not hinder readers from reading and understanding the word or text.

Example: That’s a chicken that looks like a man.

Of course, even with a Strikethrough, you could clearly read that.

Now, why do we use Strikethrough in our text?

It’s good to know that so many people make use of Strikethrough for so many reasons. Some to express an unpopular opinion without appearing too loud others to express uncertainty in their opinion leaving the reader to decide on how to use the information. But certainly, it is not to make readers unable to read the text.

Let’s see how you can add Strikethrough in your Google Docs

Adding Strikethrough in Google Docs ( Using Shortcut and Step-by-step method)

Using the shortcuts:

On Mac

-Locate the word or text and highlight it then press ⌘ + Shift + X

On Windows

-Locate the word or text then press Alt + Shift + 5.

Going by the step-by-step method.

-Step 1: Click on Format on the menu after highlighting the text you wish to Strikethrough.

-Step 2: Return to the word or text and click on it. Several options appear on the screen, click on the Strike-through option.


There you will see the desired result.

Pretty much a simple process, right? Yea.

If you’re having any problem achieving this, don’t hesitate to share with us using the comment section below.

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