Slickdeals Alternatives Every Bargain Hunter Should Know About

Slickdeals over the years has been the goto site for bargain hunters and deal finders to get the best prices and discount coupons.

Thinking of having more option to choose from when looking for deals and coupons?

This article will bring to you some of the best Slickdeals alternatives.

Slickdeals is a more popular brand than so many other deal sites but this doesn’t mean they tick all the boxes. In fact, there are really good deal sites other than Slickdeal out there.

Let’s see some of the best Slickdeals alternatives.

1) Ebates: Ebates is now known as Rakuten though the name Ebates is still popular among users. And also on the site nothing has been changed exception of the name.

Ebates is one of the best Slickdeals alternatives and they almost have same brand recognition as Slickdeals. They are affiliated to thousands of stores across the U.S with one of the best discounts coupons. They also offer cashback when you buy from their affiliated stores.

2) Bargainist: One thing really special about this deal site is their regular updates.

They also have a large number of affiliate stores which means more options to chose from.

The blog section makes it easy for you to find the latest deals, the best discounts and coupons. You should visit the blog multiple times daily as there are updates multiple times daily.

3) Coupons: Everyone wants to save some money on purchases and you should too. These small bucks over time can become a lot.

Say you save $3 weekly, at the time it won’t seem much but that when summed in a year is $144. help you save when you buy groceries and considering a family with many mouths, can save you a lot of money over time.

4) DealPlus: DealPlus brings to you the best deals on the internet via coupons, promotions and discount.

It allows you to view deals through many categories example Electronics, Wears or you can check their recommended deals.

Just like many other deal sites, they also have a blog section to keep users updated on the latest deals and coupons available.

5) This deal site is relatively new when compared to so many other deal sites like and Slickdeals.

According to, they collect thousands of deals across different stores to be able to deduce which goes for the best price for their users.

Unfortunately, unlike so many other deal sites they don’t have a refund policy which is quite understandable since they don’t sell any product to customers.

That’s all for Slickdeals alternatives.

Do you have a deal site you think should have been here? You can let us know via the comment section.

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