Spotify Web Player Not Working [Solved] – Step By Step Guide

A lot of people enjoy using Spotify, for some, it’s a perfect music box during bedtimes sure to take one to the dreamland and for others, a sweet companion while working.

Whichever way you enjoy the Spotify web player, you’ll agree with me that you get uncomfortable when you can’t get it to work.

And that’s what this article aims to fix.

Spotify exists in a web version, desktop app and the mobile version. We’ve found the web player to be a likely fun ruiner because of its susceptibility and experiences reported by so many users.

Sometimes getting a Spotify web player to play or function properly can be a real problem.

So, if you’re having a problem getting your Spotify web player to work you should try some of our possible fixes here to see if they work for you.

1) Change Browser: If you’re using an Apple device there’s a good chance you’re trying to browse Spotify with Safari browser which is the default browser. Currently, using Spotify web player is no longer possible with Safari browser this was made so due to security issue perceived by Spotify.

You’ll see this error message if you try to: “This browser does not support Spotify web player. Switch browser or download Spotify for your deskstop

The solution at this point is to change to another browser like Chrome or Firefox. If you change browser and your still not able to use Spotify web player then you should check the other fixes on our list.

Other possible solution might be updating your browser to the latest version and also clearing cache stored by your browser.

Steps to Clear Your Cache in Chrome:

  • Move your cursor to where you have the 3 dots on the top right of your Chrome and click on it.
  • Hover on More Tools then click on Clear Browsing Data. There you will see options to clear data, tick all the boxes.

2) Check your Internet Connection: This is often ignored but it is important to make sure there is a reliable connection at the time of having this problem. This you can do by visiting another device on your PC.

3) Disable Firewall: If your firewall is activated disable it for the meantime and try using the Spotify web player. If you’re able to use Spotify after disabling the firewall you can go back and add Spotify to the whitelist.

4) Get the Spotify app: Sometimes after trying every possible fix to no avail switching to the app is the only option left.

Click here to download the Spotify app.

Let us know if you were able to get the Spotify player to work. Or if you have a special case we could help you fix it.

Use the comment section.

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