The Amazing New Pcpartpicker. Sleek Or Nah?

Pcpartpicker over the years has been the best online resource for persons that want to build or assemble a personal computer. As their name connotes: Pc Part Picker is more of a price comparison-eCommerce website.

How Pcpartpicker Works

Pc partpicker allows its users to compare prices of computer parts from various retailers online. My favorite is the pc building simulator also know as their System Builder which allows you to literally build your own pc from scratch.

Using pcpart picker needs no special expertise or technical know-how. Actually, you don’t even need to know how to build a computer or how to build a pc as the site was built for absolute newbies like you and me. lol

Pcpartpicker’s Origin

Pcparts picker ‘s domain according to was created on 2010-05-07. However, from’s records, the domain started operations a year later.

The site started gaining prominence in 2014 as its traffic quadrupled. This was as a result of people finding convenient for checking the compatibility of computer components. PC PIcker was also handy to compare prices across multiple sellers.


The New Look

In 2015, the site was re-designed to its current look. We, however, find the new look endearing and super sleek.

Honestly, I think the new look of Pcpartspicker easily passes them as the best custom pc builder website available online.



Old Design


pcpartpicker old site


My Escapades With Pcpartpicker

Truth be told, I have been an ardent follower of the Pc partPicker and our romance began in 2012 when I wanted to build a gaming PC.

I had my pc specs in mind but my dilemma then was how to find a custom gaming pc builder.

I searched online but found none until I found a banner ad on a forum(I can’t remember the name) that stated: build your own gaming computer.

I was pretty young at this time, I doubt I knew the basic parts of a computer. Guess I was just 11years old the time.

Kids of my age would jump on any thing custom gaming pc builder


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