Walmart Savings Catcher – Why It Was Discontinued

Walmart savings catcher used to be an app-based price-matching tool, that helps consumers recoup the excess money they paid to buy wares from Walmart if they can find the same items cheaper elsewhere.

The Walmart application helps automates the process of price-comparison of Walmart’s product against its competitors.

Walmart savings catcher scans shoppers’ receipts and then compares them to the prices they are sold elsewhere.

A shopper gets a Walmart gift card If the Walmart savings catcher finds out that a competitor is offering the same ware at a cheaper price. The difference is issued to the customer and can be used to purchase anything from any Walmart supercenter.

Sometime last year, Walmart Introduced a clause to the Saving Catcher. Which obligated shoppers to pay through Walmart online pay in order to submit their receipts. This left some of their customers undaunted because most users had digital copies of all their receipts.

However, the Walmart savings catcher has since been discontinued notwithstanding the outcry of shoppers who finds the decision as insensitive of their plight.

Why It Was Discontinued

In an email broadcast sent to its customers, Walmart insinuated that the purpose of Savings Catcher was already achieved as they discovered that they have the best prices in most cases.

They urged shoppers to submit their Walmart Pay eReceipt for processing on or before May 14, 2019.

This, however, didn’t go well with most Savings Catcher users. Most users found their statement of always having the best price as “Not Honest”.

We visited most Walmart locations on the day of the implementation to see how customers reacted. Indeed it wasn’t well digested as we all expected.

On the day we visited, the Walmart customer service session was literally on fire as every shopper wanted to know why they weren’t getting the best price as they used to.

Rants On Social Media

Some users took their grievance to twitter. One user described the cancellation as a deliberate attempt to take shoppers back to the old primitive days. When you have to drive around town from one shop to another to compare prices.

Several other Twitter users also countered Walmart’s claims by posting screenshots of their Savings, some of which were up to $900.


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